Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My name is Hunter. For those of you who are not familiar with my story, I only have three legs due to an extremely abusive owner. I was thrown from the back of pick-up truck several years ago on Mid Rivers Mall Drive. Due to the impact from hitting the ground and where the break occurred, my leg was amputated - which ultimately was the best thing to ever happen because I was then taken away from 'that' abusive situation.

When I was brought to my new family, you could see my ribcage, my skittish behavior communicated the fear I felt. I was distrustful of all humans. Fast forward - It has been years since I was rescued and I have made great strides but to this day I still have flashbacks to that horrible time and sometimes my behavior regress.

So what is my point?
Not to make you feel sorry for me. But yesterday, I was busy chewing up the newspaper and immediately a bad taste in my mouth developed. No, I wasn't eating the politics page.

I actually saw the below tweets (there were 25 tweets listed - am only including a few ). These young girls tweeted (BTW - term stolen from us bird-dogs) about how it would be welcomed if Chris Brown would beat them. (Chris Brown is a singer, songwriter and guilty for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna). Read below...if you need to read more...just 'Google' Chris Brown.

Now We're Getting to My Point...

As I was chewing, I began to growl. What? Who cares if he was some top dog who made the girls pant? Then it is okay? Any form of abuse is not okay!

I growled more - was I mad at these girls? Was I mad at the media? Was this a joke?
To make a long tail short, from my experience it is not cool to be abused - it is not something one just gets over. Male or female - top-dog or pack-member it is not alright to abuse anyone. And if this was a joke or a case of being a copy cat (copy a dog instead) - it is not okay.

Remember each of you no matter your age, race, sex, deserve and are worthy to be treated with love and respect. Please paws for a moment and think about what messages are being sent to our young pups - seems to me we need to send someone to obedience school.

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