Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rally Squirrel - Not Just a Nut!

Typically, on my drive to work thru my neighborhood, my drive consists of the following actions: brake, swerve, swerve again, brake, CURSE. Why? SQUIRRELS.

You know that one squirrel who is trying to sprint in a serpentine fashion across the street and then midway he suddenly changes his mind and races back to where he started from.

And I silently mutter to myself each time, 'Dang squirrel; I should just run you over and decrease the surplus population. . . you are just a plain nuisance - you drive my pointers crazy by taunting them with your acrobatic stunts and that shrill voice of yours; you break into my bird feeder which is intended for what? To feed cardinals and other birds! Oh, I could go on and on....'
But now that the common squirrel has been made famous due to the sophistication of a brave city squirrel dubbed, 'Rally Squirrel.'

So, this morning, on my drive to work this morning, per usual, the typical swerve/brake action occured but minus the cursing and muttering. This time I actually looked at that squirrel a little differently - almost with a sense of admiration - more accepting of his nutty behavior and perhaps he was actually a little cute.

Which got me to thinking. Wow, look at how making a squirrel famous by putting his photo on t-shirts, towels and by giving him a name helped change my original impression of the squirrel. Making him a star worked in changing my opinion.

So, let's expand that idea. What if we did that with all the types of people that are typically bullied or made fun of because they are 'different'? Let's make them stars and rally behind them next!

Just a nutty thought!

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